Our Company

Empresas Iansa S.A. is one of the principal agribusiness groups in the country, specialized in the sale and production of sugar and beet sub-products.

The company is the principal producer, distributor and seller of sugar and other natural foods in Chile. Its commitment, work and experience in the domestic market has enabled it to achieve a market share of approximately 52% in 2009.

The raw material used by Empresas Iansa in the production of sugar is sugar-beet. This is supplied by purchases from third parties in Chile and, to a lesser extent, by own production. This is why for more than half a century it has been concerned to maintain close relations with farmers in the country’s center-south. On the other hand and in order to provide the necessary stability to the business and thus maintain and reinforce its leadership in the industry, the company imports refined sugar from different sources in South and Central America.

Sugar sales are made directly by the company, both under the “Iansa” brand, for packaged sugar, and in large volumes or bulk for large industrial customers.

Empresas Iansa also has a consolidated position in other businesses. Notable is the production and commercialization of animal feed based on sugar sub-products, being the principal producer of feed for cattle and horses in Chile, and an important producer of pet foods. It has also achieved an excellent position in fruit-juice concentrates, in the commercialization of agricultural supplies and the granting of credit to beet farmers. It also produces and sells traditional and organic tomato paste, a business developed by its plant in Ica, Peru.

To be successful in these businesses, Iansa has been concerned to promote a proper management of its production, giving priority to its commitment with the protection and care of the environment, which has been reflected in concrete actions for motivating clean production.

The commitments with customers, consumers and farmers and the interest in complying with the highest standards imposed by the present market, place Empresas Iansa as one of the principal suppliers of leading food-processing companies, not only in Chile but also in the United States, Europe, Japan and Latin America.